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Dear Dental Hygiene Board Slayer:

Are you overwhelmed with taking and passing the National Board?  Are you wondering what life will be like after graduating dental hygiene school and where to begin to start your career?

Hello! My name is Andy Codding, otherwise known as AndyRDH. I have been helping Dental Hygiene Students JUST LIKE YOU conquer the national board for over sixteen years and have created multiple resources to ensure students have what it takes to be successful! I understand what is required to pass the National Dental Hygiene Board Exam, and have developed Dental Hygiene Academy, a board review seminar that will ensure you will have what it takes to pass the board exam. At Dental Hygiene Academy, we maintain a “students first” motto that will always have your best interest in mind. We want you to succeed in both passing the National Board and have long-term success as a Dental Hygiene Professional.

We have some of the BEST dental hygiene presenters in the world at our seminars whose presentation styles keep keeps students engaged, focused, and entertained all while covering some of the most difficult topics on the exam.  Dental Hygiene Academy also has the most affordable tuition cost and provide benefits that go above and beyond any other review course out there! 

All topics on the National Board are covered!

  • Anatomic Sciences
  • Board Format
  • Clinical Dental Hygiene/Fluoride
  • Community Dental Health
  • Dental Materials
  • Ethics
  • Immunology
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Microbiology
  • Nutrition
  • Oral Pathology
  • Periodontology
  • Pharmacology
  • Professional Responsibility
  •  Radiology
  • Special Needs Patients
  • Supportive Treatment

We know that there are other Board Review seminars out there, but Dental Hygiene Academy is different.   We care about YOU and want to see you succeed! We have multiple packages available for ANY student and will make sure YOU slay the exam! 

When choosing an online review be sure understand exactly what you are getting for your money!  Only AndyRDH’s Dental Hygiene Academy provides you with a comprehensive study app from the app store that you can use on your phone ANYTIME you want to study.  This is the WORLDS #1 study app that all dental hygiene students rave about.  Other online review companies only give you one mock board and have almost 50% LESS content than what we provide.   We provide over 4,500 study questions!

We know how to leverage modern technology and content so you can maximize your study time effectively.

For our IN-PERSON You will receive both 26 hours of intense review at the seminar, as well as limitless study aides and assistance after you leave the course!  Other in person review companies try to disquise their lack of review material and lack of study questions by stressing they provide two free lunches during the seminar.  Keep in mind, AndyRDH’s Dental Hygiene Academy gives you MORE hours of lecure (26 hours versus their 22 hours, we give three FULL days to their 2.5 days), MORE practice questions (we give over 4,500 versus on our study app to their 500.. that’s 9x the amount of questions we offer!).  We also provide one included case study lunch, a FULL COLOR text book (compared to their black and white textbook) and MORE!

Read below to see why were voted BEST BOARD REVIEW and are the ONLY review you should choose! 

Our Pass Rate:   For students who took our seminar in 2020, our pass rate was over 99.4%! 

Our DHA App:   We are the ONLY Board review company who offers a study app complete with case studies!  Our app comes with a countdown timer for Boards and graduation and has over 4,500 review questions!   This is available the day after you register for the seminar!  We also have a Board score conversion that gives an estimate of what your score would convert to on the real Board.   You can literally study anytime, anywhere that you have your device!  Even though it may take a while, we don’t recommend studying while waiting for your faculty’s hygiene check in clinic, though!  We provide 9x the amount of questions of other seminar companies! 😊

Our Review Book:   We are the only review seminar that provides a comprehensive review book that includes colored pages and images, as well as study schedules, goal worksheets and detailed coloring pages for stress relief.  We even give you mini colored pencils!  We have students who don’t attend our seminars calling and asking for a copy of our book as it is the best study tool you can have!

BONUS:  Case Study Game Session:  We will have a game session where students pair up into groups to answer case study questions in a team format!  This makes the process of tackling the case study portion of the exam a breeze due to this fun activity! FREE LUNCH is given with the case study game!

BONUS:  Red Carpet Photo Booth! We literally roll out the red carpet for you to take fun and memorable photos with your classmates Sharing the images on social media can win outstanding door prizes!  We also have fun contests such as “Find Gracey,” our mascot, who will be hiding at the hotel.  Clues will be posted on social media including Instagram and Snapchat and finding her will win a gift certificate to our dental tee shirt booth!

BONUS: Hygiene Career Booster! – We provide you with a fast-paced class geared specifically for new hygiene graduates!  This is the most important class that a new hygiene graduate can take, and we include it FREE with the seminar! You’ll learn tips and tricks you NEED to know to start your professional career; such as how to stand out as a new graduate, how to market yourself, resume advice, how to answer tough interview questions like; “Why should I hire a new graduate?”, and MORE!   

BONUS: Resume Template Database! – As an attendee, you get FREE private access to our premium resume template database! This will help develop a professional resume and cover letter that is sure to make you stand out!  We do the work for you and have multiple designs to select from!

Dental Hygiene Academy was voted “Best Board Review Seminar” by senior dental hygiene students, including those who have taken multiple seminars!  

Last year, we had several seminars SELL OUT!.  Remember, the sooner you register the sooner you can start using our exclusive app with over 4,500 questions!

Dental Hygiene Academy is proudly partnered with Colgate, Cetylite, Orascoptic and many other major corporations who support students and love to give out samples!

Please visit our website at to see video testimonials of students who have attended one of our seminars. 

Registration is now OPEN!

Andy Codding, R.D.H.
President and Founder of Dental Hygiene Academy, Inc.