Suzanne Burgee, R.D.H., B.S., Q.D.A.


Suzanne K. Burgee, RDH, BS, QDA. Bio, 2020


With nearly 21 years in healthcare, Mrs. Burgee has a broad range of experiences and knowledge of dental and emergency medical care. She received a BS degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Dentistry and is a former EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), rescue technician and volunteer firefighter, with additional training in course instruction completed through the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute.

Given Mrs. Burgee’s work and personal life experience, she has considerable experience with an array of patients. including work in the dental field treating special needs patients and is also a parent to a child on the spectrum. In addition to Mrs. Burgee’s services in the UMB Dental School Special Needs Clinic, she participated in a dental hygiene externship at the University of Maryland Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center (formerly Kernan Hospital) providing dental hygiene services for patients with various mental and physical challenges. Prior to this she provided chairside dental services as a licensed dental assistant for 13 years, developing a specialty for patients with different needs, fixed restorative procedures and surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia.

During this time, Mrs. Burgee served not only as a full-time healthcare provider, but also as a practice manager for 8 years, responsible for human resources services and staff training for the front and back office while completing two and a half years of undergrad courses full-time.

Mrs. Burgee is a current course director and clinical educator at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. She also practices dental hygiene in Maryland and the District of Columbia, offers private services for practice management consulting and career coaching for dental professionals. Mrs. Burgee is a student mentor/ guest lecturer for the Howard Community College Dental Hygiene Program, guest lecturer for Towson University and an ADHA (American Dental Hygiene Association) member. She serves professional organizations on the state level in MD and DC as the MDHA Legislative Chair for the last two legislative sessions, appointed to serve third 2020-21 session and served on the committee prior to terms in office. Mrs. Burgee’s efforts are directed toward enabling interprofessional education, promoting coordinated patient care, and supporting organized efforts to move legislation forward to create access to care for underserved populations in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Mrs. Burgee  is also an honor student currently her final semester of a graduate program at Old Dominion University. A member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and recently accepted to The SCLA Honor Society (Society for Collegiate Leadership &Achievement), she is completing her master’s in dental hygiene, specializing in community and public health. She plans to pursue a doctorate in behavioral medicine. She continues practicing and educating medical and dental healthcare providers, patients and patient care givers. Having seen healthcare providers and personal caregivers unsure of their skills regarding specific patient populations, she is inspired to create the educational courses needed to bridge the gap.