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Planning to take the NBDHE in 2022? Are you anxious and nervous about the NBDHE!? You are not alone! We get so many emails from students just like yourself who want to get a head start on reviewing our industry leading study material and we have developed a package just for you! The best part about our new Early Bird Super Study Package is that it does not expire! Some study material expires in six months and others you have to wait to attend the course to start this process. The NBDHE requires you to really understand and know the material completely rather than rely on memory to pass this important exam. This is BEST accomplished by starting early, so information goes from short term memory to long term memory.

How it works:

  1. 1. Register for our Early Bird Super Study Package ANYTIME!
  2. 2. Get immediate access to the worlds best NBDHE Study App with 4,500 questions with no expiration date.
  3. 3. Get immediate access to our Digital Online Study platform with course content, videos, practice questions and instructor access with no expiration date.
  4. 4. Get immediate access to our NBDHE mock exams, both short form and long form versions with no expiration date.
  5. 5. Upgrade separately anytime after July 1st, 2021 and pay the difference for any of the following packages of choice:
    1. a. Silver package with shipped textbook
    2. b. Premium Seminar Package with LIVE and in person seminar at any of our city locations
    3. c. Premium Streaming Package with live streaming access of live seminar on January 7th-9th, 2022.
    4. d. Don’t want to upgrade? That’s okay! Keep the package you have without upgrading and never lose access to the included benefits!
  6. 6. Slay the NBDHE!
Questions? Text AndyRDH directly at 678-383-0335!

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