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AndyRDH’s Dental Hygiene Academy Advisory Committee



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AndyRDH’s Dental Hygiene Academy Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is made up of recent graduates around the country who advise us on making our packages, content and improvements the best possible for students! We are the only company to do this and continue to put “Students First!”



Nora Basheer Megerdichian, R.D.H.

West Los Angeles Community college


Rachel Brown, R.D.H.

Central Georgia Technical College


Sydney Bubley, B.S., C.R.D.H.

Pasco Hernando State College


Ashley Butkus, R.D.H.

Middlesex Community College


Courtney Chambers, R.D.H.

Tennessee Wesleyan University


Julieth Coba, R.D.H.

Eastern International College


Pina Cramer, R.D.H., B.S.D.H.

South College


Carol Diaz, R.D.H., B.S.D.H.

Loma Linda University


Marissa Diliberto, R.D.H.

Plaza College


Doralis Donate, R.D.H.

Taft College


Stacey Douglas, R.D.H., B.S.D.H

South College


Anna Eng, R.D.H., B.S.D.H.

Cerritos College



Allyson Erickson, R.D.H., B.S.

University of Michigan


Kayla Fruge, R.D.H.

Tarrant county college


Jerica Grim, R.D.H.

Big Sandy Community & Technical College


Patricia O’Harra, R.D.H.

Goodwin College


Jordyn Havens, R.D.H.

Pueblo Community College


Brittany Hildreth, R.D.H.

Savannah Technical College


Kayla Hohlt, B.S., R.D.H.

Blinn Community College


Nicole Jimenez, B.S., R.D.H.

Eastern International College


Alexis Johnson, R.D.H.

Ivy Tech Community College


Isabella Marchese, R.D.H.

Eastern International College


Breanna Price, B.S., R.D.H.

Catawba Valley Community College


Janeth Ramos, R.D.H.

Concorde Career College


Kira Scahill, R.D.H.

Lansing Community College


Brittany Stollsteimer, R.D.H.

Lamar Institute of Technology


Kassy Stone, R.D.H.

Manor College


Blair Stuart, R.D.H.

Georgia Highlands College


Tiarra Sydnor, R.D.H.

Grand Rapids Community College


Ansley Williams, R.D.H.

Tennessee Wesleyan University








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